VB: David has the looks, I'm the funny one.

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Victoria Beckham was in London today to attend the International Herald Tribune conference (the conference that Karl Lagerfield was at). Donning the tangerine shift dress from her Spring/Summer 2011 collection, Chanel shoes and her own 'everyday' handbag from her new line. 
She spoke to Grazia about designing, her team, and hubby David Beckham:-

Q: How do you approach the design process Victoria?
Victoria Beckham: I really do try on everything myself. Firstly because I’m a woman and I want to know everything fits properly. And secondly because I know from being photographed so much that I want my dresses to fit – from a 360 degree point of view. Other designers or male designers might do everything so it looks nice from the back and the front but I want to get the whole thing perfect.
I do actually know quite a few male designers who assured me that try on their own dresses on too! 

Q: How does the relationship with your management work?
VB: Simon Fuller is a brilliant business partner. The reason that he is so good is that he never interferes. He lets me get on with it!

Q: What would you say is the real soul of the brand?
VB: When I first decided to start making dresses, it was Roland Mouret who helped me. He got together a tight team for me. So tight, in fact they are like my family and I’ve always managed the UK/USA issue by talking to them every single night, in my pyjamas on Skype!

Q: Why did you choose to show in New York rather than London?
VB: I like New York because I felt the industry here had been kind and supportive of me, but I wouldn’t rule out showing in London. Never say never!

Q: So far all your brand extensions have been very successful – jeans, handbags, fragrance and sunglasses. What is next on your list?
VB: I would love to do shoes. The only problem with doing that is that I haven’t found the right team yet.

Q: What about menswear? And what is David’s role in the company?
VB: David’s role is to look good! I’m the funny one of the pair , but looks fade - I keep telling him that. I’m not entirely sure that I want to branch into menswear because, as Suzy and I just agreed, we think men look better with nothing on!

We think she's a lot more pleasant than people say, and she shows she has a sense of humour. Reportedly, she couldn't wait for Karl Lagerfield to arrive so she could show him her Chanel shoes. 

Victoria Beckham Handbags - Grazia Pictures.
Victoria is also unveiling a new handbag line, of which Grazia took a sneak pic for us all to see. They say prices go up to around £8,950! 

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