Christian Louboutin Gets Bad Karma From The Kardashians.

It seems recently that Kim Kardashian broke her toe whilst wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin leopard-print shoe boots. When Mr Louboutin himself was asked by what his thoughts were on the news, he simply stated: “Didn’t she or one of her sisters hurt their ankle with some studs or something one time?" he asks. "Maybe it's just a clumsy family?" 
Kim Kardashian in her Leopard-print Spiked Louboutin Booties.
Gawkers Images.
Well talk about Karma coming to bite you in the whatsits, as during his trip to Tokyo for the opening of his first free-standing boutique there, Christian incurred a little casualty of his own clumsiness, telling : "I tripped and hurt my knee pretty bad, I have a huge bruise there," he says. "See, it’s not just heels, we can trip in flats just as well.” He stood up and moaned, “Oh, I think it’s getting worse.” Then he chuckled, while mimicking lightning bolts shooting from his eyes, “It must be Kim’s people — they’re sending me bad karma for what my shoes did.” 

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