Because Every Girl Needs A Shoeperhero!

Who needs Batman or Superman, when there is 'The Shoeperhero!' He arrived at the launch of the Shoe Galleries at Selfridges in September, and he certainly is a hero like no other! Here's what says about him on his 'About Me' page:-
Blocmedia Pics.
The Shoeperhero or Shoep as some like to call him, is a superhero like no other.He spends his days and nights fighting crimes against shoes - fixing cracked pavements, broken heels, and soothing blisters, as well as listening to the shoe stories of women across the globe - and granting their shoe wishes too.Whether you're desperate for a pair of new season sling backs or need to be carried home in your too-high, but too gorgeous to take off gladiator heels, he's your man.In any shoe crisis he'll come to your rescue when you don't know who else to turn to.
Boo-hiss to all you other so called superheroes! Enter the world of Shoeperhero here: Shoeperhero

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