Exclusive Preview: Sneak Peek At Victoria Beckham's Handbag Line!

We were so eager to find out what Victoria Beckham's first ever handbag line would be like that we scored an exclusive sneak peek. Victoria teamed up with famous accessories designer Kate Hillier to produce the bags, each said to represent a 24hr day in the life of Mrs Beckham. View in full glory below, (although some of them are a bit on the boring side, we love the travel tote which was supposedly designed for hubby David!) Tell us what you think > is it really what all the hype makes it to be or do you think it's nothing special at all? Personally we have a few faves - including the 'Everyday' bag and the big travel tote which is gorgeous simplicity. But for the price range (upto £8.950!) we think a few are not worth it all. According to Instyle magazine, Victoria has said 'A Beckham can replace your Birkin.' Can it really? We'll just have to wait and see....

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