The Perfect Woman...

Single men would prefer a lady who is slim and in shape (*shock,horror!*) But apparently that's not all! A new survey shows that although three-quarters of men prefer slim women, nine out of ten also would want their "perfect" partner to tuck heartily into a big meal with them! Confused? Well there's more! Out of the 3,000 bachelors polled,whilst  many found women with a degree and higher earnings more attractive, more than half said they wanted a woman who was willing to settle down, have children and be a housewife as opposed to having a career!
Nicole Clowes, who conducted the poll, said:‘However, there are a few contradictions, which might make it hard for men to get their ideal woman.
‘There is some confusion about whether men would like a high earner or someone who is prepared to stay at home with children. There aren’t many women who can tuck into a mountain of food every day and stay trim.’ (*Surprise!*)
Blimey, as if there wasn't enough pressure on us women already!

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