Randy Quaid: Michael Jackson & Heath Ledger May Have Been Murdered!

Actor Randy Quaid (Independence Day) & his wife Evi, are very insistent in their claims that actor Heath Ledger and singer Michael Jackson may have been murdered. They also warned that actress Lindsay Lohan, singer Britney Spears and actor Mel Gibson could be next, MSN reports. 
The Couples' Immigration Note. Photo: LA Times
The couple believe in this theory to such an extent as to flee the US and hide in Canada, where they are currently trying to obtain an immigration visa on grounds of protection from a "malignant tumor of star whackers in Hollywood." They insist that these "star whackers" have already killed several celebs: "It is very possible that Heath Ledger could have been murdered, or David Carradine," insists Mr Quaid.  
On being asked if any celebrities should have concern for their safety, Evi Quaid didn't hesitate to say "Lindsay Lohan." Her husband adds "Yeah, definitely - and Britney Spears," to which his wife adds "Mel Gibson too," she goes on "Hollywood is murdering its movie stars."
What is everyone to think - are they speaking crazy talk or could their be a shred of truth behind all of this?! We shudder to think....

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