Kim Kardashian's Unflattering Dress!

Ok, we previously blogged as to how we think Kim Kardash may have put on a few pounds (here), but appearing on the Jay Leno show two nights ago, we are now pretty sure that the 30-year old fashionista is definitely not a UK Size 6! (US 2). The usually fashionable Kim was wearing a very unflattering, beige dress with a cut-away section above the chest, drawing attention to and clinging to all the wrong areas. 

She confessed to Jay Leno about a big no-no in the fashion business - buying dresses and returning them as unworn after she has worn them. However, she went on to add: "It's not right, now that I own a store, I realise it's probably not the best thing to do." We think she definitely needs to refund this dress!

Like we said, we actually think the curvier look is nicer, but we're just a bit surprised at her claims to being a UK 6. The only nice thing about her outfit is her shoes, which elongate her legs and make them look nicer!

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