Head Over Heels For Rupert Sanderson's New 140mm Heel Shoe!

Hydra Patent. Elle Pics.

Gorgeous new designs, unbelievable new heel heights and a svelte double platform to complete the new shoes we have fallen for! Rupert Sanderson's latest collection is aiming high with the launch of a new, super heel length, At a whopping 140mm, we think he's stumbled across shoe-heaven (excuse the pun!)
Antwerp Tan. Elle Pics.
"In terms of design limits, there's only so high you can go with a heel, to create a shoe that's still perfectly balanced and wearable at the same time," Sanderson explains. "I was interested in seeing how high I could build up this heel and platform combination whilst keeping the styles as simple and un-fussy as possible. That's how I came up with the sort of 'abstract' double platform - it looks somehow lighter and less clumpy when 'split' in two. I love the graphicness and simple colour blocking in Hydra."
Antwerp Suede. Elle Pics.
We think they are classic designs, whipped into modern frenzy with gorgeous light colours in time for S/S 2011! The double platform certainly does take away from that shoe-clump look we find on most platform shoes, we think this is more subtle and flattering.
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