Red Lips Wrong & Right - Cameron Diaz vs. Penelope Cruz

Keeping in the theme of red lips, we have two perfect examples of getting it wrong and getting it right. Below, Cameron Diaz & Penelope Cruz both wear red lipstick, but we think whereas Penelope got it bang on trend, Cameron really missed the mark. As we said in our previous post, tons of blusher is a no-no and that is what precisely kills Cameron's look, making her look pale and ghost-like instead of giving her that rosy flush. We also think that with her blue eyes, sticking to just mascara with red lips would have been a better option.

Although the classic rule is either to do up the eyes or lips - and never both, like we said before, don't be afraid to experiment and sometimes, done right, you can pull of the eyeliner & red lips look a la Miss Cruz. We think she looks gorgeous and that all her makeup ticks the right boxes - the shade of red beautifully flatters her warm skin tone and surprisingly, the heavy, smoky liner simply compliments her whole look. Thumbs up from us!

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