Harrods & Liz Hurley to turn the skies Pink!

As you may know by now, this month is all pink in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness month, and it seems Harrods & Liz Hurley want in on the pink too. The actress and brand ambassador for Estee Lauder will make a grand appearance tomorrow at the world-famous department store, to meet lucky customers, and sign purchases from the limited edition Estee Lauder Pink Ribbon Collection 2010, with £7.50 from each purchase being donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. But, of course, being Harrods, that's not enough, hence the evening will end with a fantastic 3d Global Illumination Ceremony which will light the London skies all pink!! This is all in honour of not only the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, but the 50th Anniversary of Estee Lauder at Harrods, so we'd get there nice and early to get a good spot, we say about 1pm to meet Liz and 6:30pm for pink evening spectacular. We do love all that is pink!

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