50 Cent to star in Eastenders??

The number one American rapper is to leave the Hollywood Hills for a place in Walford Market to make a special cameo appearance in the UK's hit soap Eastenders within the next six months! The singer/actor was introduced to the soap by footballer pal Rio Ferdinand, and admits he is hooked on it.
However, the rapper has admitted to being disappointed that it was too late to appear on screen with Barbara Windsor, who played the legendary Peggy Mitchell and who recently left the soap, as reported by The
50 Cent said: "I really wanted Peggy to throw me out of her pub, but I didn't get it organised quick enough and it's too late now."
“I've performed with Eminem and Justin Timberlake, acted with De Niro and Pacino, had a guest spot on The Simpsons - in the US a sign you've made it to the very top, but I can't fulfil my biggest showbiz dream.”
Well, we might not be able to see Peggy 'bar' him from the Vic, but maybe we could see him team up with Phil and pick on Ian! Oooh, we can't wait!

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